25 May 2024

Your Guide To Understanding Contact Lenses for Marked Cards

For decades, labeling cards for comprehensive benefits have been around. Marking cards can be used for magicians’ street magic performances, magic shows, poker cheating, and any other kind of card game cheating. The gain is that a person can make a lot of money on the side. Through using this card trick, you can read several success stories. Various stores have marked cards and contact lenses for sale. For a second, let’s zoom in. There are a few techniques to use when it comes to marking cards.

  1. Small marks are physically rendered on the back of the cards.
  2. Using ink that is luminous
  3. Luminous ink detection using glasses
  4. To detect luminous ink by using contact lenses
  5. Other miscalculations. Cheats that are not as good as 1 & 2.

Alt: marked poker decks for poker cheating

To detect luminous ink, we are going to talk about using contact lenses. There are small purple filters built into the lens for the contact lenses. Your vision is turned into a purple vision (like blacklight) when you place the contact lenses in your eyes, and you can read luminous “invisible” markings. It is possible to add the labels to the back of red or blue-colored cards. The contact lenses read both card colors, which is an improvement over the glasses that can only read the back of red cards. The most efficient and discreet way to read invisible marks is through contact lenses.

The contact lenses are built from the same material from which regular contact lenses are made. The contact lens size as a whole is 13 mm, which is the average contact size. The filter is available in a few different sizes. Standard filter sizes include 9 mm, 7 mm, and 4 mm. For darker eyes (blends in with little or no change), the 9 mm and 7 mm filters should be used, whereas the 4 mm filters are better for bright eyes (blue and green). Only the pupil will protect the 4 mm filters. Those with brighter eyes can use the 7 mm and 9 mm filters, but it is recommended that they use sunglasses to disguise their eyes.

Note: It is best to treat contact lenses like standard contact lenses. They should be kept in a clean contact lens case at room temperature. The solution should be used before and after each application to clean the lens. The treatment for the lenses defines the life span of the contact lenses. You will usually (on average) squeeze out approximately 160 hours of use.

Cheating poker with infrared contact lenses

Infrared contact lenses and numbered cards are a kind of magic deck of cards, more realistic than ordinary poker cards. It is one of the helpful poker lenses marked cards; it can be easily used, you only need to wear the infrared contact or sunglasses marked cards, and then you can see the playing cards marking.

Infrared contact lenses commonly referred to as ‘magic poker lenses.’ Dominate any poker game with the most potent marked card contact lenses in the market, specifically built to distinguish invisible ink markings on marked blue luminous infrared cards. Stores also sell a revolutionary range of infrared camera lenses, available in different forms: from infrared sunglasses to household goods and even smartphones.

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