3 March 2024
Shuffled Deck

How a Magician Revealed a Flaw in a Shuffled Deck That Turned Hustlers into Millionaires

Card counting is common in card games, although it can be illegal in casinos. A player keeps records of all cards that have been dealt to predict if the next card will win or lose. It is not a new practice because it has been used for many years in casinos. It is legal to count cards in games such as Bridge but illegal to count cards when playing blackjack. Recently, a gang of gamblers decided to cheat a casino card system to beat the house. They used a loophole from a shuffled deck and succeeded until a magician discovered their secret and revealed it to the casino.

Internet casinos use strong security systems

Due to the increasing number of users, the internet casino sector is consistently improving its online security systems. They use 128 or 256-bit encryption to turn data into unbreakable codes. There are several other security measures used by online casinos to enhance user security, such as multiple authentication, firewalls, and RNG. It helps keep both the user and the casino safe.

Using a hidden camera to film the inside part of a shuffler

The gang was smart to cheat the house but not for many days. They hid a camera inside a shuffling machine and then waited in the parking lot, ready with a computer. The camera would transmit images to the accomplice in the parking lot, who would play back the video in slow motion. This helped them guess the next sequence of the cards in the deck. A team of gamblers would be waiting at the gambling table, and it would be communicated to them. They used this strategy to make a million dollars quickly, but they were discovered in the long run.

Diaconis reveals the secret

Magician Diaconis, who is also a mathematician at Stanford University, was hired by the casino to help them out. He understands how online gambling works, and he used the Markov chain to study riffle shuffles. The technology is commonly used in statistics to identify the sequences of random actions. This is how he discovered the loophole used by the gang and explained it to the casino. The deck had rising and falling sequences which made it possible to predict outcomes. The company removed the prototype and started using a different machine.

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