18 July 2024

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to play poker

Poker initially was a very popular and loved game among all card games. However, with  increasing popularity, a good deal of myth and false claims were build around the game. A cloud of misconception, one might say. These misconceptions eventually warded off new comers into the game. Hence, as time passed by certain people saw fit to stay away from poker. Eventually this led to the fall of poker’s popularity. Fortunately enough with the advent of information technology and mobile devices people found their way to the truth of matters. Among such matters poker was one. Through online websites such as 99onlinepoker, finally people were able to look past the wrong notions about the game and reinvent their love for poker.

The misconceptions of poker

It’s too risky o depend on luck

True, poker is a game of gambling. Speaking of gambling, the first thing that comes to one’s mind -is testing your luck. Although every other gambling game is solely luck based, such is not the case with poker. You can bring it up with any authentic poker player, to receive an educating lesson on how poker is merely about luck and mostly about observation, concentration, experience, skill and emotion management. Hence, if you are worried to play a hand of poker thinking you have a bad luck; be assured luck won’t be the ultimate deciding factor.

Poker involves a huge sum of money

This misconception has been developed especially by the impact of media. Movies showcasing extravagant individuals competing against each other with huge amount of money at stake. However, never forget, that’s just movies. In real life, the scenario is significantly contrasting. Now the scenario shown in movies, isn’t entirely false, such large betting do happen, but there is always room for smaller bets as well. There are plenty low-stake poker games with equally low-stake wins. Players with consistent winning track, make it a point to set budget for each match, and always stick within that budget. Hence, involving a huge sum of money is always optional when it comes to poker.

Keeping a poker face is very difficult

Keeping a straight face when you can see your hand is a flush, is not a matter of joke. Hiding your excitement or disappointment in moments of high tension, with sums of money at stake -requires a great deal of practice into the subject. However, this requirement exists only in real-life physical poker. The game of poker with experienced poker faces sitting around the table could be quite intimidating to a beginner. Fortunately, the internet pacifies this concern of poker face. When you play online poker on websites such as queenpoker99, your opponents are miles across on the other side of another screen. Poker face is absolutely irrelevant when it comes to online poker.

Public approval

Finally, the nail in the coffin would be the notion -“What people would say?” Earlier poker would be more commonly associated with gambling, over just a game. Thankfully enough, with the present society turning significantly liberal about a great deal of things, poker has gained increasing acceptance among the masses. In present times poker games are even played during dinner parties and family get-togethers, with not real but fake money involved. People have learned to treat poker primarily as a game, and not gambling.

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