25 May 2024

What Are The Most Beneficial Starting Hands In Blackjack?


Hand of cards in Blackjack with value 21 points Blackjack is one of the easiest to learn of Australian online casinos games, and also one of the most beneficial. When we talk about Blackjack, often the most frequent questions are related to the starting hands because this is the most essential thing in the game. The hands in this card game can be divided into groups according to their value, and according to the benefit they bring to the players. Some hands are especially beneficial for the player, and in this post, we will focus on them.

We are going to offer you some advice on the following five types of hands: the soft ones, the hard ones, the bent ones, the ones that are divided and of course the ones that make a Blackjack. This last type is naturally the best because they ensure a profit from the start of the game. They are also called a natural or 21 natural Blackjack that is paid 3: 2 or 1.5 times the bet. The natural 21 consists of a 10-point card (which can be Jack, Lady, King or 10) and an Ace.

The Soft Hand

Another exciting hand is the soft 18 that is formed by an Ace and a 7. This hand has a value of 0.3996% of the bet made by the player, which means that in the long run, the player gets $39.96 from each $100 wagered. With a hand of such value, you can double the bet because an Ace and a 7 are also a hand of 8 points and you can calmly ask for another card when you double the bet.

The Hard Hand

The next hand of good value is hard 11 with a letter 8 and another letter 3, a 9 and another 2, a 7 and a 4 or a 6 and another 5. The odds of this type of hands are 0.6674% of the total wagered by the player, which means that $66.74 can be earned for every $100. It is advisable to follow the numbers before doubling the bet and not to do so if the value of the hand exceeds 16 points.

Note: you can play Australian casinos for real money.

Another hand that must be taken into account is the hard 20 that is one of the most lucrative hands in Blackjack. This hand is achieved by receiving two cards worth 10 each. In this case, the probability of winning is 0.7918% of the bet made, which means that $79.18 will be won for every 100 dollars wagered. In this hand, it is advised not to divide the hand into two because it is not at all sure the value that will be obtained in the new hands formed.

The Last Hands

The last type of hands is the soft 20 group consisting of an Ace and a 9. The probability percentage of this hand is 0.7918% of the amount wagered. This percentage is the same as in the hard 20 and therefore is considered an excellent starting hand. In the long run, the player can receive $79.18 of each $100 he bets. If the dealer’s uncovered card allows it, the bet can be doubled since the hand also equals 10 points, and the maximum that can be obtained is 20 points.

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