3 March 2024
invisible ink to mark poker cards

Threats in case of bad quality of marked cards 

Hey guys, if you are not aware of cheating tools, you must know about them. There was a time when the cheating tools were rarely used due to a lack of trust over them. In the case of marked cards, these decks of marked cards were taken for granted, and there is no bad thing in it. There was a time where the use of cheating tools was considered a disgrace to the betting and gambling field. The major cheating tool is marked cards, which are highly preferred. A deck of marked cards can be really helpful to get the desired result.

There should be a proper procedure, and it should be followed to get the result. We highly recommend you know how to use a marked card and contact lenses for identification. There are many different types of marked cards, and also, some qualitative differences are seen. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at the threats in the case of bad quality of marked cards.

Threats in case of bad quantity of marked cards

  • Cards start bending

This is one of the most common threats in case of the use of bad quality of marked cards. As we have mentioned earlier, not all quality of marked cards is the same in quality. There are many qualitative changes, which is quite evident in many cases. The cards should be tough and stiff enough to get bent. This means the cards should not be feather touch quality and can bend easily. In many cases, the cards get banned permanently, which is due to the bad quality of these marked cards. Therefore, this is one of the major threats in case of bad quality of marked cards.

  • Impressions start getting faded

The major function of a marked card is to get identified easily to win matches and eventually more money. There is no smartness in purchasing a deck of marked cards whose quality is questionable. The impressions should not be visible with naked eyes, which is quite obvious. On the other hand, the marked cards must get easily identified without any issue with the use of contact lenses. If the cards are not of good quality, it can be really tough to identify the impressions which are fading off.

  • Increases suspicious

The cards which are marked with the help of an invisible ink should look the same. There should not be any major difference between a non-marked card and a marked card. This is because the cheating will not be possible if the impressions and marked cards are caught. You should not take any risk with this and use a decent quality of marked cards. The suspicious marked cards should be totally avoided by you. This will help you to be safe in case of cheating. The professional invisible ink marking machine should be used to mark the cards, and these cards should be trusted by you. We hope that this article will provide you the necessary information needed.

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