3 March 2024

The Casino Comps System Explained

Comp in gambling means complimentary. They are the free stuff casinos reward you as incentives to encourage you to continue gambling with them. The number of comps you get depends on your gambling activities. 

One of the expressions you should understand in comps is “action.” It means you have money on your bet. It can also mean the total money you have wagered over a certain period. 

Example of action in wagering

After registering for online casino games, you might decide you will be wagering $5 for every spin. That means you have $5 into action with every spin. If within the day you make 200 spins, you will have put $1,000 into action. 

If the casino wants to reward you, they will calculate the odds of the game and the payout odds. They will then base it on your bet per spin to calculate your long-term tentative losses. From the figure they get, they will base the incentive to give on it. The incentive you get is what is called comps. 

How to make comps work for you

From the above example, the comps you get are based on several factors. These are – your bet value, betting frequency, type of games you play, and your losing frequency. For example, if you love to play great poker, all your wagering activities will be tracked and feedback sent to a team of analysts. 

The number of comps you get will be tied to your betting behavior. Playing at the slots is another way to make comps work for you. The slot machines earn casinos more profits than most other games. 

This is because they are a favorite of most regular players and the middle-class group. Due to this, slot machines provide a steady flow of income to casinos. If you give more focus on the slot machines, you get more comps chances. 

What will comps offer you?

If you talk to people who love sports wagering, they might tell you one of the reasons why we love sports is because of its social factors in wagering. The different casino systems will reward you with different comps such as free drinks, food, accommodation, and high roller comps. 

You can get other kinds of comps, such as a card to their loyalty club and cashback. Some of the comps like cashback can be restricted to high rollers. Your trickiest part is finding the casino with the highest comps.

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