18 July 2024

Simple Poker in the Sports Bets and More

Are you also passionate about online poker betting? Beginners or experienced, it is time for you to become master of the game. Establish an unbeatable strategy that will allow you to win big. Are you lost in this labyrinth of techniques? Prioritize simplicity and efficiency to optimize your chances of winning: choose the 2 out of 3 method.


On a football, basketball, rugby or athletics track, bet with the infallible 2 out of 3 technique. Its name is not trivial, you can imagine. This method of sports betting allows you to bet on 2 of the 3 possible outcomes of a sports match: team 1 wins the game, team 2 wins or there is a draw between the two teams.

Thus, you greatly increase the probability of winning and making a profit. It is nevertheless necessary to have a taste for risk to excel in this strategy of sports betting. Indeed, by betting in this way you risk losing your entire stake in the event of failure. In case of judi online  the bets are different.

How to Use It?

After the theory comes the practice. Here are some online betting tips to establish you among the best sports bettors! You can use this 2 out of 3 technique by choosing a sports meeting that leads to three possible outcomes.

Bet on minimum odds such as 1.75. The 2 of 3 methods allows you to maximize your chances of making a profit.

Example of Use

Let’s take an example to better familiarize you with this sports betting strategy. You decide to bet on a football match between France and England. In this case, three possibilities are to be considered on the result of the match: France wins, England wins or the two teams draw. According to your bookmaker’s predictions, France is the favorite. In particular, the odds attributed to France’s victory are 1.75. For the draw, the odds are 3.20 while for the victory of England it is 4.6.

You then bet on the two most probable outcomes: € 2 on the winning France and € 1 on the draw. If France wins, you win 2×1.75-3 (3 being the total amount of your bet) or 0.5. On the other hand, if there is a draw, you win, according to the same reasoning € 0.20, while if England wins you lose your stake of € 3.

Poker is not a single, frozen card game. Poker is a set of variations, more or less famous, which you can play online, with friends or in casinos.

As proof of the rich offer of entertainment available to you with poker, we have decided to provide you with all the information concerning the types of variants, namely: Community card variants, closed poker and studs.

A variant is a different version of the same game at the start. The game we are talking about here is poker, with its basic principles and objectives: with a certain number of cards called “hand”, you must make the best possible combination to defeat your opponents and win the pot. The online variants offer you this base combined with different and specific rules.

What is a variant?

Even if all these names don’t mean anything to you for the moment, rest assured, thanks to our poker guide, you will know, for each of these variants: the principle, the rules, the progress of the game.

We also give you an example in each section, so that you can fully visualize the principle of the variant. It’s up to you to learn and train, so that your pleasure is multiplied and your passion for the game is never satisfied!


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