3 March 2024

The Truth Unleashed Behind Banning Of The Legendary Streamer Roshstein Off The Youtube


The game of online casino is considered one of the best ways to earn big and make a huge living. However, there will always be a risk of losing it all too. In the arena of online gambling, dirty works and fair games are looking alike. The one who knows to bias the machine wins through the day’s betting. Not just one, there are a lot of famous legends that have been taking up the gaming platform to solely win or earn a livelihood. Such a legend known is Roshtein, he was indeed a huge streamer of casino games, but soon something struck his career to a dead end.

The legendary streamer

Rothstein, the legend of online casinos used to make cool content on online gambling games, with winning strategies and tips. The gamer was on the twitch platform that made him grow an account with more than two million followers. The Instagram platform, too, revealed a lot about his personal life, but as a matter to start a hate campaign against him, these accounts were the weapons to the haters butcher his career as a whole.

The facts

  • He worked for the casino organizations he played on, which helped him earn from the promos he made for them.
  • He is transparent about the bonuses earned on Instagram, not just the original account’s demo account to contribute to his high earning.
  • He can be considered as a game bug who just tried his luck out on youtube.

The dilemma 

There was no particular address to his gaming; he tried his luck everywhere. The banning of his videos must have been a technical step to prevent outrageous haters from badmouthing the platform. With the huge amount that he won, just anyone would be responsibly jealous of his fortune; hate comments were therefore very much expected. Yet there is no legal file made on the legend to date, and he has high chances of coming out clean.

Truth unleashed

Roshtein works hard to come up with interesting gambling videos on youtube, and this made him sponsor the casinos altogether. He used to get huge ransoms of money for his promos. The player was accused of being one of the fake streamers concerning the expensive livelihood he maintained; some even claim him to be a person making money out of dirty gaming. However, there is no solid proof of any of these claims. According to the Instagram personality check, he seems like a down-to-earth and joyous person who loves to play through the online gamble games.


Online gambling has seen a lot of such cases, and these days such cases don’t even matter as long as the platform keeps giving birth to the expert gamers and huge personalities. The legendary Roshtein might be wrong or might not be wrong; there are equal probabilities to each side, and we can’t deny he was hard working. If you are curious about the truth, do visit https://casinobrend.com/roshtein to know better in further clarity to respect. Know that one has all the right to develop his empire by his own will and in his way.

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