3 March 2024

How to Win in Online Slots

Unlike in poker and blackjack, there are no strategies to learn and skills to develop to in online slots. In a nutshell, winning in slots depends more on lady luck. Cheating in poker and blackjack is also possible, but in slots? No way! – all due to the Random Number Generator (RNG).

Random Number Generator

RNG may be likened to the slot machine’s “brain”. There is this computer chip embedded in a slot machine that picks the numbers et al. A common myth regarding slot machines is that all slots have a cycle that can be perceived by players, allowing them to predict when it is due to hit the jackpot. Not True! 

RNG employs algorithm in generating numbers. The formula entails a series of instructions for generating the numbers. The accuracy of the RNG is checked and tested by the Casino Control Board and other affiliate testing laboratories to make sure that the system is glitch-free and that cheating is not possible. Playing online slots is not just a matter of free play slots, no download promos

If this is the case, how can a slot player increase his chances of actually winning? 

Slots with higher payout percentages are better choices. What are payout percentages? This refers to the percentage on how much money spent on a particular slot machine is returned to players. Running between 80% to 98%, it is obvious that the higher the payout percentage is, the better. Online casinos will not actually tell players the payout percentages of available online slots. However, there are online casino insiders who actually publish the payout percentages of particular slots. So, to increase one’s odds of winning, choosing a slot machine with a higher percentage is best. Since the statistics is based on millions of spins, including free spins on slots, the payout percentage is not guaranteed. 

Slots with smaller jackpots are better since slot games that afford a cascade of huge prizes end up paying less often. Whereas slot games with smaller prizes afford more frequent payouts. This event refers to variance or volatility. So, a machine with a jackpot payout of 5,000 credits is better than a machine with 10,000 credits. 

Always bet the maximum wager. Almost all online slots pay the jackpot and other online casino slot bonuses only if the player bets the maximum wager. 

Slot machines located in high visibility areas tend to provide more frequent payouts. These “loose” machines are located in areas with a lot of traffic. Slot machines located in Las Vegas International airport have made some instant millionaires. 

Though the suggestions above are not guaranteed ways to beat the odds in slots, it is best for slot a player to choosea slot machine that he knows how to play, so that he will truly enjoy and have fun while playing. Winning in slots is based mostly in luck. So, in case a player loses, he is compensated with the fun and enjoyment brought about by playing a preferred slot. 


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