22 February 2024

How To Have Better Reads With Online Poker? Find Out How!

Some people think that playing online poker is much difficult than doing it in real life. Simply because it is hard to pick up reads as you cannot see your opponents. That is true but there are ‘tells’ where you can pick up with online poker that not many poker players notice. TELLS are signs that players give off to let others know if they are regular or recreational players.

If you know how to have to get better reads, this will help you towards making the right decisions. If this is what you are trying to learn, then let this article teach you different ways on how to get better reads from other online poker players.

The Importance Of Table Count

When playing at situs poker online terbaik or the best online poker site, there will always be a ‘search a player’ option. Searching for players on the online casino site is one of the easiest ways to get read on the type of players that you will be playing against. For example, if the players are playing on one or two tables, this is a sign that they are recreational players.

However, if they are playing for 10 tables, then these are serious poker players. They can be considered as regular grinders. They can be professional online poker players! This technique is not foolproof, but the results are usually a huge help especially for new online poker players.

Timing Is Important

When it comes to poker, timing is crucial. This will also help you determine whether your opponent is a regular player or not. Regulars will usually mask their timing by taking the same amount of time for each of their actions. Recreational players on the other hand often use erratic decisions that can give away their experience with situs poker online terbaik. One good example is an instant call for a flop. If the player calls right away, this is a sign that he or she did not take the time to think about the other players’ hand.

Look At the Bet Sizing After A Flop

The size of the bet after a flop is another way to determine whether the player is regular or not. Usually, good players rarely bet less than half of the pot after their flop. For recreational players, they usually bet less, mostly, barely making the minimum amount. This only shows that weaker players are not understanding the game which is typical for those who only play for fun.

Take Note Of Stack Size + Auto-Buy Features

This is another sign that players five off. The stack size as well as using the auto-rebuy feature is a good indication that these players are for real. They are not only playing for fun. Regular players usually buy the maximum amount at a table. The reason is, that if the player has a proper bankroll for the game, then he or she is one of the good online poker players. Having the most money will allow the poker player to win the most.

For recreational players, they are not mostly properly bankrolled. They will just buy some random amount, usually less than the maximum. They do not also use auto-rebuy and their stack size is just below a certain amount.

How Dothey Post the Blinds?

This is one of the most important things that you should take note of. Regular players always wait for the blinds before posting. Recreational players, on the other hand, will post blinds before the blinds arrive.  So when you see a player do this, that is the sign that you are looking for.

The Passive Play By Recreational Players

This is also one way to determine whether this player is for recreational or a seasoned pro. Passive playing means calling many preflop as well as post-flop and then folding without proceeding to showdown. This will usually ruin your non-showdown wins and is not a typical practice of regular online poker players. Serious players are usually making aggressive 3- or 4-bets before each flop. They tend to remain active as well and they bet, raise, and bluff more.

Online poker games are played using computers, mobile phones, or tablets. This is a disadvantage because you cannot see your opponents face to face. However, if you are a keen observer, you will be able to notice their subtle tells. Still, remember that none of the tips above are foolproof, but they can come in handy when getting better reads from your opponents.

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