3 March 2024

Earning Points At Part Casino With Pittsburgh Sports Betting

Since the recent passage of legalized Pittsburgh Sports Betting, there are a number of players looking to get the most out of their action. Parx Casino is now offering one of the best points programs for loyal players. Below is everything you need to know how to earn and redeem points at Parx Casino.

So What Are Points?

When it comes to Pittsburgh Sports Betting at Parx Casino, points are rewards that are part of the casino’s bonuses and promotions program. These points can be redeemed for casino comp dollars. For instance, if you sign up for the Rewards Everywhere program, you will receive 1,000 points that can be redeemed for $10 Parx Casino Comp Dollars. The Parx Casino Comp Dollars can be used almost anywhere in the casino that includes use at the sports book.

How Can I Earn Points?

You can earn points by wagering at the sports book, playing casino games, shopping or dining at Parx Casino. You can also earn points by shopping online at large online retailers such as Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy Groupon, CVS and more. Additionally, you can earn points when you are a member of the XClub which will be explained more in the next section.

Earn More Points As A XClub Member

Pittsburgh Sports Betting can become more rewarding when you are a member of the Parx Casino XClub. There are currently three tiers in the loyalty program. Staring out with the Players XClub Card, you can work your way up the Premier XClub card and finally the top tier Elite XClub Card. You can earn bonus points during certain promotions. For instance, you can earn at least 10 points for a single play at the casino.

What is the Rewards Everywhere Promo?

With Rewards Everywhere, you can earn points each time you shop. You can shop online at major retailers like Walmart and earn points that can be exchanged for comp dollars at Parx Casino. These comp dollars can give Pittsburgh Sports Betting players more action at the sports book. The more you shop, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more comp dollars you get. Finally, the more comp dollars you get, the more free play you can enjoy at Parx Casino.

What is the Comp’s Back Promo?

One of the most exciting parts of the points program at Parx Casino is the Comp’s Back promo. With Comp’s Back, you can earn up to 2.5% back, in Comp’s Dollars, in every dollar, you spend at all Parx dining, shopping and gift shop purchases. For instance, if you spend $100 at Parx Casino’s food outlets, you will receive $2.50 in comp dollars. The Comp’s Back promo is available for all XClub Card holders.

What is the Xtra Play Promo?

For XClub Card Holders, the Xtra Play Promo allows the casino’s loyal patrons to earn free play when playing at any slot machine. The Xtra Play is available at 9 AM the next day and it’s good for 45 days.

Learn More

You can learn more about the Parx Casino points program in section 18 and section 19 of the Terms and Conditions section at the official Parx Casino site.

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