18 July 2024

Common misconceptions about VLTs and slots  

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games. People love the classic simplicity and the fact that you don’t need any special skills or prior experience in order to have a chance of winning big. But the combination of random chance and potential big money payouts has led to a number of myths developing around slots and VLTs (video lottery terminals, which usually feature multiple video slot games). Understandably, many folks believe that there must be more than meets the eye.

In a way, this is true: there is more to slots than appears on the surface, but it’s not what lots of people think. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about these deceptively sophisticated games.

You have a better chance of winning at some times than at others


This is the biggest myth about slots, both at land-based venues and at an NJ online casino: the idea that a machine can be “hot” or “cold” and so more or less likely to deliver a jackpot.

The fact is that slot machines are entirely random, and the chances of a win are exactly the same each time you play. If a machine hasn’t paid out in a while, a win is not “due.” Similarly, if you’ve just had a big win, or the player before you has, your chances of winning again immediately afterwards are exactly the same as they ever were. They are not better or worse, because each spin of the reels is a discreet event unaffected by what came before.

Slots don’t pay out as much compared to other games


Modern slots use a random number generator (RNG) that is the same as the one used in all other electronic and online casino games. They are a game of chance, with no skill involved. So, while it’s true that a skilled poker player may do better at poker than at slots, all things being equal, slots pay out just as much as any other type of game.

All slots are the same

While your chances of winning are controlled by the same RNG as other online games, it’s not exactly true to say that all slots are equal. Every game will have a return to player (RTP) rating that states what percentage of your money you’re likely to win back if you continue playing indefinitely. You can give yourself the best chance to win at slots by checking the RTP, although the RTP doesn’t distinguish between slots that pay out small amounts more often and those that come up with big wins but less frequently.

New players are advised to start with simple slots that offer smaller wins rather than go straight to the more complex progressive jackpots. Although the prizes on offer with these games can be literally life-changing, a certain amount of experience is needed to navigate the different features and unlock the bonus rounds successfully.

It’s not possible to rig or cheat the machines

It’s just not possible to cheat at modern slots, because the providers ensure they are secure. Equally, they can’t be rigged because gambling regulators go to a lot of trouble to make sure they are fair, random and the stated RTP is accurate. Yes, there is a house edge, but that’s just because casinos are a legitimate business out to make a profit.

Slots are VLTs powered by highly sophisticated technology and certainly aren’t as simple as they appear. However, the myths that circulate are just that: myths. To all intents and purposes, what you see is what you get.

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