25 May 2024

Are online casinos worth it? Let’s figure it out

The online casino experience is tailored to create the same experience as in real casinos while providing a safe and transparent environment in which to enjoy casino games. At joker123 online casino, security and transparency always come first. Measures used by the website include the random number generator and the use of live dealers who know their craft. If you want to know if online casinos are worth playing, read this blog to get a better idea of ​​the opportunities that you are missing out on.

What is the random number generator?

All online slot machines, virtual table games and video poker games use what is known as a random number generator, a complex computer-generated algorithm that is activated on every spin. The RNG cycles through an endless series of number and symbol combinations per second before stopping on the displayed symbol. This is how the system works in general –

The RNG assigns a value to each symbol on the reels, e.g. a five-reel slot with 12 symbols per reel.

The RNG produces a value from 1 to 12 for each reel, resulting in 5 different symbols.

If the 5 symbols result in a winning combination, the prices described in the pay table are paid out.

As with RNGs, online slots have an RTP, which is Return to Player, a percentage of the money entered by players that is theoretically returned to the players themselves. For example, if you played $ 100 on a 90% RTP slot machine, you’d expect a return of $ 90. The typical RTP varies between 93% and 98%, so slot machines are certainly less sure of minimizing losses than other games, at least on paper. High RTP slot machines such as joker123 online, offer much more frequent, albeit perhaps smaller, wins. If you’re looking for slot machines with higher payouts but lower chances of winning, progressive slot machines can offer an RTP of 95/96%.

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What is the advantage of the house?

The house edge is the casino’s superiority over its players in a mathematical sense. In a game like blackjack, the dealers take all the bets their players have lost. The players, on the other hand, only have a chance of winning the bet if they beat the dealer. In roulette, however, this principle works a little differently. The roulette house advantage can be seen in the way the winnings are returned to the players. For example, the profit made by a single number is 35 times the stake while there are 36 numbers. With different variants of the same game, the house edge can vary. American roulette has a worse chance of making a profit for the player, while the house is always victorious at the end of a certain number of games. This is primarily because there is a second zero on the roulette wheel.


Now players have access to a huge selection of slots and tournaments. Every casino hosts online tournaments that are constantly updated. For example, one tournament is open for a week. Another is available next week, and so on.

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