25 May 2024

Truest Choices For the Best in Online Security

Online security is becoming a very complex subject, with many factors and different aspects that seem to be unmanageable. An astonishing number of computer attacks could, however, be prevented with the help of essential knowledge of personal data protection with the help of the 안전놀이.

Here are five tips to consider:

Update your operating system

It is very important to update your operating system. These updates provided by Microsoft or Apple also take into account system security. Thus, you are always working against threats and this is always provided with an update package for your operating system that deals with viruses and other threats. I know it is lazy to update your system and often select “skip” but to know that it is not playable. 10 minutes of installation may save all your personal data.

Set a decent password

There are numerous articles on the internet that address this issue. You need to have a strong password on all platforms you use. Whether we are talking about social networks or email services, a password that contains your birthday and first name is not indicated. I recommend that you use different passwords for your accounts and to avoid forgetting you can use a password manager service that will store all your passwords in one place.

Install an anti-virus program

Although it is the classic move, an anti-virus gets you out of many problems. There are many free programs that do their job very well. You can find them by a simple Google search. I personally use Avira Anti-Virus in the free version and am very pleased. You must perform regular computer scans through the program and be aware of the warnings it will display. Needless to say, you need to update your anti-virus program whenever it is needed.

Back up your data

Some cyber attacks target all the data you have on your computer. From pictures from vacations to the most important business registers you have. I recommend that you back up your data at different times. Of course, these volumes of data need storage space. You can choose a physical storage space, such as an external hard disk, or a “cloud” type.

Hides the webcam

Two weeks ago we were with the laptop at a service for a hardware update. Speaking of the guy there, he definitely wanted to show me that in 10 minutes he can access the webcam of my laptop from another computer. Said and done.

We advise you to mask the webcam of the laptop with a black tape that is used on electrical installations or with an adhesive paper tape. You certainly don’t like invisible spies. We think that if you follow the above tips carefully and apply them, you will have got rid of a lot of online security issues. Be careful what sites you visit, be suspicious and don’t forget to use an anti-virus program.

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