22 February 2024

Great Choices for the Monopoly Games for You

No need to cheat Monopoly to be sure to win. The American business magazine Business Insider has just published a study to put the odds on its side to win from a mathematical model. Here are the tips to remember.

With friends or family, Monopoly Bring The House Down slot game is probably one of the most popular board games on the planet. Who does not have an anecdote to tell about his successes, his failures or his violent attacks of rage during a game? Because in front of the game board, friendships or family ties fly in shine and characters are revealed.

Even gathered by the fire, the players have one goal: dominate the audience. And to be certain to arrive at this result, there is only cheating to succeed for sure. So to avoid this end, Business Insider magazine applied the laws of probability to the famous game.

Optimize the roll of the dice

The first lesson is obvious, the qualities of manager of the player are secondary, because everything is based on the roll of the dice, by definition random. However, the magazine has established the list of boxes where players are most likely to fall. In this case, throws at 6.7 or 8 are the most frequent.


At the beginning of the game when everyone is on the box “Start” know that the first box “Chance” is the one where the players are most likely to fall (16%). In the same way, if you choose to double, keep these statistics in mind for next moves. They are exactly the same.

The boxes to buy

Do not neglect the boxes “Chance” and “Community Box”. The study notes that it is interesting to buy them since over the game these boxes will probably be the busiest. Judge on all “Chance” cards, eight out of sixteen require the player who draws it to go to another box.

After the prison, the cash

Statistically, players are more likely to pass through the “Prison” box than through the “Start” box. The study therefore recommends buying and investing in the huts between the “Prison” and “Go Prison”.

Add as sales argument that the stingy people take time to pay their jail release ticket without knowing that statistics are playing against them. The longer they wait, the more likely they are to make a double, the more likely they are to stop at home. A wise investment, you are told.

Build in the right place at the right time

The study also looked at the profitability of each investment. It turns out that buying the four stations at the beginning of the game is a good calculation. With Monopoly casino slot game this is the best deal now.

In the same way the properties “orange” and “red” are the most profitable on paper between the purchase value, investment and return on investment. But on one condition: build three houses immediately.

The player “little player” with a built house makes the investment uncertain. In the same vein, the study indicates the best time to build. If an opponent comes in 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 boxes, it’s time to invest against the odds of the dice.

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