6 December 2023

Fine Opportunities for the Proper Betting Games

It is often said that it is better to make a maximum of bets to limit what is called “the variance” to compensate for games where the logic is not respected. But in the end, the quality must be preponderant in order to generate less often but more regularly.

The selection methods are multiple. An interesting method is to pre-select matches for a given day to clean up the huge list that a football day can have. Thus, you will extract twenty matches following this first selection.

Avoid extended lists and bet on a fine selection of football matches

In a second time, it is necessary to make a second pass much more selective by pushing the analysis of the matches much further, being based on specialized sites of statistics and results.

The goal is to refine the games to bet as much as possible and thus to draw that the cream according to the feeling of each one.

In this analysis, the rating must be taken into account. Indeed, you must be able to estimate whether the rating is correct or overvalued in relation to your analysis. If your rating is “value”, that is to say stronger than it should be based on your analysis, does not hesitate to bet on this match. . This step is crucial for the selection of games but it requires significant experience that is acquired as and when.

To facilitate this work, there are many sites of advice with more or less experienced agen sbobet specialists. This is an interesting solution when there is a lack of perspective in this discipline.

Team numbers

During an analysis, it is obvious to be interested in the strengths and weaknesses of each team. This includes information on players injured or unsure for the match.

The ideal to avoid being surprised by the starting 11 is to wait until one hour before the game to consult the team compositions that are broadcast by coaches. From there, it’s much simpler to know if the match against the odds is always a good bet.

It is also interesting to learn about the shape and confidence of the “key” players of a team. They are often the cornerstone of a good team spirit and this generates good cohesion. All you need to do is read on different sites, the information and statistics of the previous matches as well as the notes given to the players by the specialized media. It’s up to you to make a list of sites that you prefer!

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