25 May 2024

Bet Types Common To Online Boxing Betting Websites

Offering the ability to play from anywhere at any time, mobile phones have indeed brought people closer to their favourite online games. The game of boxing, which enjoys a huge popularity on the field, thus is also able to garner a huge fan following. These mobile online websites enable people to stay in touch with their favourite sport and also make some easy cash along the way. It is no wonder that betting on boxing at these online websites like https://uk.mansionbet.com/sports/boxing/ is on an all time high. 

Boxing bet types

There are plenty of different types of popular bets which can be placed at all online gaming websites having boxing as one of their gaming options. Both simple bets and complicated bets can be availed off depending on the risks that a punter is willing to take and the style of betting that he wants to follow. The different types of bets that are very common to online boxing are:

  • Moneyline: This is the most straightforward bet that can be placed at an online boxing betting website and just requires the punters to choose the winner in an ongoing boxing match. 
  • Round betting: This popular type of bet allows punters to place their bet on one of the fighters and enjoy an outright win in a particular round. But there are certain rules that are applicable to round betting which a punter needs to know beforehand.
  • Total rounds: Here the betting is on the number of rounds that will get played before the winner is announced.
  • Method of victory: An advanced type of moneyline bet wherein the money is placed on one player to win the fight and also on his mode of victory.
  • In-play betting: This actually deals with live betting in boxing wherein bets are made on a currently ongoing live fight between two boxers.

Boxing is a dynamic game and the advent of mobile phones has made online betting on this sport a very lucrative option.

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