22 February 2024

Types of Jokers in Rummy and Its Significance

The Joker Card is considered to be of the highest significance in a game of rummy, especially while competing with experienced players. When used wisely, it has the potential to change a losing game into a winning one. Mostly the first card that players look for while beginning a game of rummy is a Joker, but only a few know its real value in the game. To win in rummy, one must understand the significance of each card, including the joker, and its appropriate application.

Did you know that there are two types of jokers in online rummy? Most beginners are not aware of this fact and lose out on essential games simply because of their ignorance. If you too fall into the same category, then you must read on to find out the two different types of Jokers used in online rummy and their significance in the game.

Types of Joker Cards in Rummy

There are two types of Joker Cards in rummy – the Printed Joker and the Wild-Card Joker. Both of these hold the same value and significance in the game, but for a new player, it is much easier to identify the printed joker. Let’s have a look at how these two are different from each other.

Wild Card Joker

After all the players are dealt 13 cards each, a random card is selected from the remaining cards, i.e. the closed deck in case of online rummy. This card and all other cards of the same rank and different suits act as a Joker for that particular rummy game. For example, if a 7 of Hearts has been selected at random, then the 7’s of all other suits too will be treated as a Joker for that particular game. The value of a Wild card joker is always zero irrespective of its rank in the game.

Printed Joker

A standard deck of cards consists of 54 cards, including the two jokers. Only one of these printed jokers is included in a game of rummy. In case a printed joker is picked up at random to select a wild joker card, then all aces will be treated as the joker for that particular game.

Significance of Jokers in Rummy

The joker card holds zero points in rummy. But just like the number zero, its significance depends upon its application in the game. It means that as a player, you must know when and where to use the Joker Card to win in a game of rummy. For instance, a pure sequence needs to be formed without the joker card, and without it, any declare would be considered invalid. A Joker has the best use when combined with high-value cards such as King, Queen, jack and Aces, especially when they are holding you from winning the game.

While planning your game strategies, always aim to keep your joker till the very end. It will benefit you just in case your opponent declares the game before you. You can also use the joker to complete remaining sets/sequences quickly or as a replacement for a particular card that you’ve been waiting too long for. If you’ve got a wild card joker, discard all cards around it as they don’t have much use for forming valid sequences.

To Summarise

The Joker Card is very beneficial in a game of rummy, but only when used by employing the right strategy. It has the potential to make or ruin a players’ game, and as a new player it is advised to always proceed with caution whenever you’ve been dealt a joker. You can learn the various strategies of how to make the best use of Joker at the Rummygyan blog. Practice and apply these strategies to your game, and you’ll become a pro in no time.

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