22 February 2024

The result of the first half in Right Bets

You have to correctly predict what result will be recorded during the break. Similar to the bets on the final result, 1 means that the host team will have to lead at the break, X tie, and 2, the guest team will be in the lead after the first 45 minutes. 

Correct score

You must correctly predict the final score of the match. It is a difficult bet, but there are many combinations that benefit from very high odds in general. 

Halftime / Fulltime

You must correctly predict both the result at the break and the final result of the match. 

Example: football predictions for the match Bayern Munich v Arsenal; Break / Final, 2 / X prediction – in this case, for the bet to be a winner, Arsenal must lead to the break and the final result must be equal.

  • 1/1 – The hosts to lead to the break and win the match
  • 1 / X – The hosts to lead to the break and the match to end in a draw
  • 1/2 – The hosts to lead to the break and the guests to win the match
  • X / 1 – Draw result at the break and the hosts to win the match
  • X / 2 – Draw result at the break and the guests to win the match
  • X / X – Result of equality at the break, result of equality at the end
  • 2/2 – The guests to lead to the break and to win the match
  • 2 / X – The guests to lead to the break and the match to end in a draw
  • 2/1 – The guests to lead at the break and the hosts to win the match

The current form of the team

It is one of the most important 토토 사이트 football statistics that you need to consider in making an analysis before placing a bet. For a correct analysis of the current form it is advisable to analyze the last 5-10 matches of the team – it is one of the most efficient methods. If a team plays on its own field, pay special attention to the matches played on its own field by this team in the last stages. Similar for away matches. Analyzing these numbers you can deduce a trend that can later be useful in making the right decision.  

History of direct confrontations

Analyze the information regarding the direct meetings of the teams in question in recent years. Also here we can include the rivalry between teams that has an impact on the frustration on the field and in the stands, which can influence the betting result.

Unavailable players and injured players

It is a very important aspect, which you must include in your analysis. The absence of a player on the field can completely tip the balance in favor of the opposing team and can influence the outcome of the match. 

Referee of the match

Although apparently a factor of little importance, ignoring this analysis can have undesirable consequences. Compare the style of play of the two teams and balance with the style of refereeing – is it a permissive referee or a rigid referee who splits the game?

Taking into account all that is presented in this article, and not only, we are entitled to conclude that football is the king sport and in terms of betting.     

The main strategies and schemes of football betting

At the same time, we cannot conclude an article about football sports betting, without reminding you that we have published a sports betting guide meant to answer all your questions and to provide you with information and advice for football and other sports absolutely necessary for any beginner, but also an experienced player in betting – go through the material to the end and you will learn some basic rules with which you will discipline yourself as a bettor and you will have better chances of winning!


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