18 July 2024

The Overview of Microgamingand Its Slots

MGC (or Microgaming) is a slot provider that has hundreds of slots available in various online casinos all over the world. All professional gamblers know about it and average players are likely to have heard about it, too. Let’s find out more about the company and why its slots are popular.

The brief history

Microgaming was opened in 1994. This company became one of the leaders in the industry as it had a big impact on the very beginning of the industry’s development. It was the first to launch an online casino back in the days. Now they offer over 600 slots that can be played on various platforms. Almost one half of those precisely depict the modern slots you can see in real land-based casinos.

The platforms used by the company

It mostly uses 2 major platforms: Viper and Quickfire. Find out more about them here. The difference is that you need the first one if you prefer to download the software to your device. Quickfire, on the other hand, can operate within the Internet browser allowing the gamblers to enjoy the slots online. In addition, you can enjoy their slots from your smartphone since they have a mobile platform for most of the slots.

The company probably works with the biggest number of online casinos since it offers a great variety of slots and games. Its poker software takes a whole different side of the company’s work.

You should definitely try some slots to see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

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