25 May 2024

Your Guide to Online Casinos in South East Asia

If you are an online casino player and you are looking to move to South East Asia, then knowing the laws of gambling and how to gamble online is essential. For example, in Thailand all forms of gambling are illegal, in Malaysia there are land-based casinos, and in Cambodia, you can gamble online or in a land-based casino to your hearts content.

We will cover each of these countries, so you know where you stand when if comes to playing online casino games. However, before we begin, let me give you my thoughts on the matter.

Before you leave to live in South East Asia

As signing up to an online gambling site in South East Asia can be a hassle, if you are a citizen from a country where online gambling is legal, then I would suggest signing up for an online casino in your home country. Most of the countries in South East Asia do not block these. If you do happen to play at an online casino that is blocked, you can always use a VPN to play.

What I found is that if you install any software before you get to Asia, then you should have no problems. For me, I play on the PokerStars Casino network, and this works fine all over Asia.

Can I still use my online casino account if I am from the USA?

If you are from the USA, then you will not be able to play your US online casino account, and so this article may be interesting. Alternatively, you may want to look into using cryptocurrency to fund you’re an online casino that accepts Bitcoin or other currencies.

Thailand Online Casino Play

In Thailand, you will need to use an online casino agent if you want to play at online casino. There are plenty out there to choose from. thaicasinoonline.com – Thailand online casino agent are very good at what they do, have a great list of casinos, and the company has a very good reputation with no recorded complaints.

Why do you need a casino agent in Thailand?

There are no casinos in Thailand at all. Or should we say – there are no legal casinos in Thailand, which is more to the point. There are financial laws that also forbid online gambling in Thailand. Therefore, you need to use a casino agent that will be able to have your online casino account funded.

Malaysia Online Casino Play

Malaysia is the same as Thailand. You will need to use an online casino agent. c9bets.com – Malaysian online casino agent is the best online casino agent we have found so far. Very reliable, some great casinos and some very good games can be found at this casino.  24-hour support is available, and the owners take pride in fast deposit and withdrawals.

Why do you need a casino agent in Malaysia?

Even though there are land-based casinos in Malaysia, this is a Muslim country be all accounts. Online gambling is seen as an illegal activity if you finance you online casino account using Malaysian banking systems. The only way around this is to use a third party that is able to use legal loopholes so you can gamble online.  

Cambodia Online Casino Play

Cambodia is one of the only South Easy Asian countries where online gambling and land-based gambling is legal. The best way to gamble online from Cambodia is use a reputable online casino from Europe. More specifically, I would look for an online casino that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Any casino licensed by the UKGC is going to give you the best all round online casino experience.

Check out onlinecasinos.net for a list of reputable websites.

Philippines Online Casino Play

Once again, you will need to use an online casino agent. Even though land-based casino are legal in the Philippines, even these are restricted to local citizens playing at them. Despite this many people find plenty of websites that will allow them to sign up and gamble online.

Indonesia Online Casino Play

Indonesia has the same style rules as Malaysia in many respects. Therefore, you will need to look for an online casino agent that will allow you to gamble online.

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