22 February 2024

Perfect Looks for the Best Bets

A small difference in the wording of the bonus terms may mean an increase of € 1,500 in the redemption requirements. For this reason, the site recommends that you carefully check the bonus terms before redeeming your deposit.

An example of the differences between the two different models: as an example, a 200% bonus on a € 50 deposit:

  • The wagering requirement only applies to the amount awarded as a bonus: 100 euro bonus money must be wagered 30 times in casino games: 30 × 100 euros = 3000 euros
  • The wagering requirement applies to bonus money and deposit: 100 euro bonus money + 50 euro deposit must be wagered 30 times in casino games: 30 × 150 euros = 4500 euros
  • Not all online casinos mention this very clearly, and then it is safe to assume that the redemption requirement applies to the deposit as well as the bonuses granted by the casino.

Note in which games and with which bets bonuses can be rolled

Other conditions also apply to the redemption of deposit bonuses. Casinos have also restricted and determined in the bonus terms in which casino games bonus wagering can be performed. Violation of the terms will easily result in the loss of bonus money, so you should be careful.

The terms and conditions of deposit bonuses usually explicitly state in which types of games the redemption of bonuses is allowed, restricted or completely prohibited:

  • Allowed: Slots and slot machines with certain restrictions
  • Limited: Some table and slot games with a reduced recycling rate
  • Completely forbidden or severely restricted: Black Jack, Roulette, several other casino table games, some slot games

Cash back Bonuses

Voitolla.com always lists in reviews the most important restrictions regarding different games or game types in depositing deposit bonuses.

Another where to be careful is the size of the bet in bonus redemption. The size of the bet is limited in order to slow down the spin and ensures that during the spin the player does not end up winning even larger amounts of money from the casino.

Generally, online casinos have limited the amount of € 4 to € 6 to a maximum single bet when it comes to playing with bonus money or redeeming bonuses.

Online casinos have not always prevented you from betting more money, but the player is responsible for following the regular bets. So it is possible to accidentally bet more than the limits allow, so you should be absolutely careful when redeeming the bonus for the size of the bet.

Check the maximum withdrawal amount for free spins or play money

The terms and conditions of the deposit bonus or free spins may include a restriction on what money received in the free spins or bonus can be withdrawn from the online casino. This is usually 100 to 300 euros, but can be more. Some casinos have not set a limit.

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