22 February 2024

Online Gaming Affects Your Mind – In a Good Way

Despite coming so far as an advanced civilization, there will still be many people who will say that video games are terrible and various other misconceptions on the impact that they have on mental health. However, the reality is the fact that gaming actually has a lot of benefits that significantly stimulate the brain and overall improve our mental health for the better.

A study from Oxford University that involved a breakthrough in university academics worked with gameplay data for the first time. The games that were played were the famous Nintendo Animal Crossing and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The results that came from it showed that people who were playing more games reported better wellbeing, which swept away further doubt on the idea that gaming is bad for mental health. Here are a few of the benefits that are brought about by playing games online.

Mental Health Recovery

Let’s talk about the most important one first. In our modern society, the plague of mental health disorders – whether it’s PTSD or ADHD, to name a few – has gotten worse and has brought about all kinds of negative impacts on one’s mental and sometimes physical health as well.

However, regardless of whatever type of game you play, its effects have proven to help with recovering from trauma. Online or offline gaming can serve as a distraction from pain and even psychological trauma. Additionally, they are ideal in assisting people in dealing with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD.

Enhanced Emotional Resilience

Whether it’s a game or a real-life situation, failing at any task can be extremely frustrating. And because of that, we end up in a spiral of negative emotions that deplete our positive energy significantly.

The only way you can work your way around from this is if you continue to practice getting used to the feeling so that it does not affect you as much. Hence, playing games serves as an essential tool that you can use to harness your emotions and take better control over them. Moreover, playing games majorly contributes to boosting your happy feelings and relieves stress at the same time.

Improving Social Abilities

Now, most people would think that gamers are antisocial and lack communication abilities when in reality, gamers are people who possess the best social skills.

When it comes to online gaming, gamers have to interact with all kinds of people to create teams, develop strategies and work together as a cohesive group. Something like that cannot be done if you have no social skills, which is why gamers are the best at interacting with new people and fostering their relationships with them.

The Online Gambling Community

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