14 July 2024

Celebrities and their unexpected stories with gambling! 

There’s no surprise that some celebrities are after the thrill and rush of good gambling. What’s more, some of the most renowned sports players out there constantly seek the adrenaline of online slots. The thought of winning or losing big sums of money, the emotional rollercoaster, and the excitement of playing itself, they all fit perfectly within the exuberant personalities of sports stars. 

Curious to find out what stories the most popular football and basketball players hide? Here come four unexpected enthusiasts of slots and betting:

Footballer Mario Balotelli 

The first on our list is Mario Balotelli, the ex-player of AC Milan, Liverpool, and Manchester City, who surprises us as he’s just about as lucky as he is generous. After winning 25.000 pounds at a brick-and-mortar casino in Manchester, he simply stepped out of the casino and donated an impressive part of his winnings to a homeless person who happened to be in front of the casino at the time. 

Basketballer Michael Jordan

Famous MJ loves to feel the pulse and momentum of a match, even when he’s not dribbling in the basketball field. So it goes that in 1993, a year full of unexpected events in the life of the sportsman, he was seen in Atlantic City in a gambling hall. Not at any particular time either, but right before an important match against the Knicks. Although he has never betted on his own matches, he has confessed that when it comes to playing and betting in casinos he can lose lavish amounts of cash. Happily, he stated, this type of fun never turned into an actual addiction – he’s simply using it as a method to take the pressure off his chest!

Basketballer Charles Barkley

Just like his friend Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley is a big fan of gambling. He confessed to ESPN that he’s lost 10 million dollars simply because he was so used to gambling in casinos. What’s more, Barkley has lost at blackjack no more, no less than 2,5 million dollars in six hours, followed by 700.000 dollars during a Super Bowl weekend. 

Asked what draws him to playing in casinos, the famous basketball player underlined that all of it is just fun and excitement– he’s not after winning grand sums of money or getting rich off slots and table games, although they have sometimes brought him impressive winnings at a record speed. 

Golfer Tiger Woods

The last one on our list is also the most professional gambler. When it comes to gambling, nobody knows how to play their cards better than Tiger Woods. Either online or in the most luxurious of casinos around the world, Tiger is known for the exorbitant sums of money he can lose and win in a game. A die-hard fan of blackjack, the famous golf player frequently plays 25.000 dollars cash with a limit of 1 million dollars in one of the best-known casinos in Las Vegas. 

These are, of course, only some examples of famous sports people who have a passion for slots and table games. Some others would include the well-known Alex Rodriguez, for instance, Pete Rose, or Wayne Rooney. In Romania, there are also quite a couple of gambling operators, and the most popular of online slots can be found and played at Maxbet Casino. Celebrities and not only can relax while playing.


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