18 July 2024

Can Foreigners Buy Lottery Tickets in Singapore?

If you’re someone who’s not a native citizen of one of Asia’s largest gambling capitals, you may have wondered whether you are qualified or even allowed to purchase lottery tickets in Singapore. That’s what this article is for. The question may seem to be a simple yes-or-no question but there’s a lot more to it than what you may think. Let’s get into it.

The Singapore Lottery

4D Lottery has always been one of the best ways to gamble without having to particularly lose a lot of money compared to actual high-rollers at actual casinos. Singapore lotteries, in particular, are very cheap and it is extremely accessible to the mass market.

If you happen to have lived in Singapore for many years and have become a resident for a while now, you’d know that the lottery is very much open to pretty much everyone. Of course, as long as you are at a legal age, then you’re obviously good to go.

Foreigners can absolutely buy Singapore lottery tickets

That’s right, even people who do not have permanent residency nor a local to Singapore can definitely participate in lotteries. That’s how great of a pick Singapore lotto games are. In fact, among many Asian countries that offer lottery games, Singapore is one of the best choices as it welcomes people of every race and color.

People who frequently travel a lot may find this information very helpful. After all, to be able to gamble on the go and wherever you may be on the planet, are just some perks they get to enjoy while going to different places. This makes Singapore truly one of the best gambling destinations, not just on the continent, but all over the globe.

As mentioned, if there’s one thing that can prevent you from participating in any gambling activities in Singapore such as the lottery, it has to be the fact that you should be at a legal age to gamble. Other than that, there’s really not that much of a restriction in place.

Simply put, as long as you are at the right age, regardless if you’re a Singaporean or not, you can participate and play the Singapore lottery. That said, beat your heart out and enjoy all the lotto 4D results you can get.


But hold on to those horses if you’re thinking that that’s all there is to it. One thing most people and bettors tend to forget often is what comes next exactly. Of course, winning a lottery can be a longshot for people who didn’t grow up with the Singapore lottery but it’s not too much of a stretch to become a jackpot winner either.

The issue here is that winning the lottery and the process for claiming the jackpot for foreigners may not exactly be easy. It would only make sense that the authorities for the Singapore lottery will put extreme measures in verifying the identities of lottery winners for every 4D result that will come in.

For the locals, all they simply need to present is a valid ID and the winning lottery ticket. For foreigners, they need more than just an ID and the winning lotto ticket. Foreigners must present their Passport as well as any document showing their proof of residency.


Singaporean lottery tickets can be bought online by pretty much everyone. However, for foreigners, it’s a bit more complicated. They need to ensure that they have all the relevant information in their possession. These include your name, birth date, Singapore residence, contact details, and passport, if applicable.

Some online ticket vendors also allow these foreigners to purchase tickets for the lottery through fax, email, and phone, given that they are able to provide some necessary documentation.

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