Las Vegas casinos are performing expectations despite having fewer employees


Generating billions of pounds every year, the gambling industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the world. There are different types of gambling available, from sportsbook to novelty bets. However, casino gambling is arguably the most popular form of gambling in the world.

In the past, casinos were one of the very few places where players were able to play their favourite casino games. However, the launch of online casinos and the ‘rise’ of smartphones has meant that players are now able to enjoy casino games from the comfort of their own home.

Slot machines tend to be fairly popular amongst new players due to the large jackpots that are often available. Progressive slot machine games, such as Mega Moolah, have made people millionaires overnight with the huge jackpots they often give out. There are also other slot machines available for you to play, such as the ‘Cat in Vegas’ one which is currently available to play here:

With online casinos being very popular amongst the casual gambler, you’d expect that land-based casinos will be struggling. However, they’ve managed to defy expectations as the casinos on the ‘Las Vegas Strip’ announced record-breaking revenues last year. This is even more impressive if you consider the fact that the employee numbers have steadily been declining throughout the last few years.

There are various reasons why the employee numbers have been dropping, but one of the main reasons is because certain types of employees are no longer needed. For example, when casinos made the move to coinless ticket in/ticket out slot machines, employees that were previously responsible for collecting, counting, and exchanging the coins for bills were no longer required.

Although this is arguably the main reason, there are some other reasons which have led to the fall of employee numbers. This infographic has been created which takes a look at how the current casino employees are being used. Check it out!

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